ehave Inc (OTCMKTS: EHVVF) demonstrated its impressive ability to rapidly adjust to the changing landscape, especially with the coronavirus pandemic which has affected entire industries.

Ehave announced on September 4 that it signed a license deal that would allow it to boost its Telemedicine platform. The agreement will allow patients to access the entire suite of solutions that Ehave offers through Telemedicine. For example, patients can seek a second opinion under 48 hours and they can also access their medical history at any time regardless of wherever on a computer or smartphone.

The Telemedicine platform will also allow patients to share their medical history data with their family members if they wish to do so. The platform highlights Ehave’s ability to take advantage of the unique situation provided by the coronavirus so that it can market the Telemedicine platform and demonstrate its unique offerings.

Ehave expands its offerings at its wellness retreats                                                                                                           

Ehave also announced towards the end of September that it will provide more access to two of its premier wellness retreats that are located in Jamaica. It plans to make the retreats available to the people through its subsidiary known as Mycotopia Therapy which will provide booking services.

The retreats are meant to help people suffering from addiction, anxiety, treatment resistant depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. The retreats use psychedelics as one of the treatment avenues through which they aim to help people get better. The resorts are operated by highly professional medical experts.

Ehave’ resorts are the ideal getaway for mental health patients especially now that the industry has diverted its resources to combatting the coronavirus pandemic. The resorts are also ideal since patients do not have to commute to and from their homes to receive therapy on a regular basis and will instead receive treatment at a place that offers home-like comfort and therapeutic help.

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