Global Trac Solutions Ord Shs (OTCMKTS: PSYC) one of the companies that have ventured into the budding medicinal psychedelics industry and it is determined to leverage available opportunities.

The company’s strategy for tapping into those opportunities involves relaunching its website so that it can demonstrate PSYC’s prowess as a leader in the medicinal psychedelic industry. The company has enjoyed significant growth in the past two years and it owes part of that growth to the FDA-awarded breakthrough therapy destination that it received for psychedelics such as psilocybin and ketamine. Revamping the website allow PSYC to widen its global reach especially in emerging markets.

PSYC is also working hand in hand with a partner called Bodycheck Wellness through an affiliate collaboration that will allow both companies to secure a stronger position in the industry. Bodycheck will allow the company to explore alternative treatments as opposed to traditional pharmaceutical options.

PSYC hires new content director to help the company charter its course in the industry

PSYC has been enjoying strong growth but it needs the right type of leadership to help achieve it full potential. The company announced in line with that goal that it hired Jill Ettinger to help it achieve the objective. Ettinger will operate as the company’s new managing editor and content director, roles that will be critical in helping PSYC to reach its full potential in the psychedelics industry especially with the changing landscape.

Ettinger’s role will particularly focus on creating content that will market PSYC’s products especially on the internet domain particularly now that the coronavirus global pandemic is pushing companies to innovate online. A strong online presence will allow the company to spread knowledge of psychedelic benefits along with the growing network that will allow the company’s products to be accessible. The plan will allow PSYC to make steps towards more success in the industry.

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