New Wave Holdings (CSE:SPOR) is expanding its interest in the psychedelic sector following the recent signing of acquisition deal for the purchase of 25% stake of psilocybin company, Anahit Therapeutics.

New Wave Holdings increases its stake in Anahit Therapeutics to 75%

The company completed the acquisition according to the terms of the share exchange agreement of August 26, 2020. The investment company acquired 25% of outstanding Class A Anahit shares from Anahit International in exchange for around 12.792 million New Wave common shares. Currently, New Wave Holdings owns 75% of Anahit Therapeutics. The issuance of shares was priced at $0.115 per share, and payment shares will not be subject to a hold period as per the securities laws.

New Wave Holdings bringing “The World on Drugs” production to Vancouver

The investment issuer also announced recently that it would bring Microdose to Vancouver to commence production of the next step of “The World on Drugs” documentary. Production expects to illuminate a commentary in Psychedelic medicine, mental heal and drug policy which comes at a critical period. There has been a surge of opioid-related deaths in British Columbia which thus highlights the urgent need for policy and new treatments. Therefore this gives a unique opportunity to illuminate psychedelic medicine.

New Wave Holding has scheduled interviews with leading experts in different fields. Microdose CEO, Patrick Moher said thanked New Wave Holdings for being the inaugural sponsor for the international efforts to document intersection if psychedelic medicine, mental health and drug policy globally. He said that they are committed to producing a compelling and informative narrative through the listening of expert views, and the documentary will be a collective team effort. Microdose captured the pilot footage for “The World on Drugs” in Mexico with clinicians, leaders and psychedelic medicine therapists contributed.

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