Roadman Investment Corp (CVE:LITT) signed a definitive agreement with Psychedelics Insights to establish a joint venture. The JV’s purpose is opening up a legal psychedelic treatment centre in California once there is medial approval or legalization of psilocybin.

Roadman Investment partnering with Psychedelic Insights

It is important to note that Psychedelic Insights is among the companies offering psychological, guided psychedelic experiences globally. The company uses magic psilocybin truffles to offer experience in their safe psychedelic space in the Amsterdam centre. Psychedelic Insights has experienced specialists with a passion for healing, mature IT sales and marketing infrastructure with a booking system, mail systems, CM and screening evaluations, among others. Therefore this makes the company a perfect partner for Roadman Investment since their business is scalable across different jurisdictions.

There is growing liberalization of drug policies globally, and therefore the need for qualified practitioners and therapists will be a massive bottleneck to growth. Interestingly Psychedelic Insights offers an extensive training program allowing for scaling across the US to new states approving treatments.

Growing research on psychedelic healing

Roadman Investments will offer capital, while Psychedelic Insights will provide the expertise and operation of the centres. In recent time, research in healing powers of psychedelic has intensified form universities, researchers and other institutions that are publishing literature on its benefits. Most importantly, stigma is waning, and people are beginning to acknowledge and seek psychedelic experiences. Therefore there will be adequate demand for the mental health services going forward.

For the companies and their joint venture, California will be a great place to start with first Psychedelic Insights centres in the US. This is because of the progressive nature of the state with most cities decriminalizing psilocybin and its large population.

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