Theramed Health Corp (OTCMKTS:EVAHF) has been relatively silent about its undertakings, especially this year but its latest announcements in June 2020 might give some insights into the company’s performance.

Theraped Health revealed on June 2 that it would retain some of its third parties such as Gold Standard Media LLC, Awareness Consulting Network LLC, Electrik Dojo LLC and SC Strategy Consultants AG. The company provide a lot of value for Theramed, especially in securing a more substantial presence in psychedelics OTC markets. The company has also maintained a strong commitment to ensuring that disclosures about its operations in the OTC markets are within marketing guidelines and policies for the OTC markets.

The news releases about the company’s decision to retain some of its strategic partnerships highlight its plans to retain and strengthen its operations in the OTC markets. It would otherwise terminate the partnerships if the intention were to pull out of the OTC markets. Theramed might also be using the disruption during the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to strengthen its market position, and the amendment of its financing terms might hint this.

Theramed adjusts its financing terms

Theramed also announced on June 10 that it amended its financing terms so that it could raise as much as CAD$2,000,000. The amendment would allow the company to finalize an unbrokered private placement through which it would issue 2,666,667 units at $0.75 per unit. Each unit is made of 1 of Theramed’s common shares, as well as one and a half warrant for exercising a common share.

The funds raised through the private placement are supposed to be used to fund Theramed’s business development, marketing, and also activities that will boost investor relations. The private placement will allow investors from OTC markets to invest in the company while also contributing to its improved business operations.

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