It is no surprise that people use psychedelics to get their creative juices flowing. Harry Styles is one of the public figures that have openly admitted to taking this approach to boost their creativity.

The former One Direction singer was featured in September’s issue of the Rolling Stone magazine in 2019. He talked about various subjects such as fame, music, and the possibility of reuniting his former band. However, one particular topic that stood out was his psychedelic experience, and how they contributed to his creative process.

Styles revealed that he once bit the tip of his tongue very hard on one occasion after consuming psychedelic mushrooms. He had a performance that day and tried to sing while blood was flowing from his tongue. Harry’s solo career has been quite successful ever since One Direction members decided to pursue their own paths. Nevertheless, the band was incredibly successful during its days.

Harry is one of the many successful artists that have come clean about their psychedelic adventures. During the Rolling Stone interview, he revealed that he used to consume a lot of mushrooms while recording music at Malibu’s Rick Rubin studio. He would then lay on the grass while listening to Ram album by Paul McCartney. An exciting way to enjoy a psychedelic trip.

The one particular instance when Styles bit his tongue while high on mushrooms paints a bitter-sweet experience considering the tongue’s sensitivity, especially to pain. However, the singer did not talk about experiencing pain. Many people take psychedelics to help clear their minds, especially when they experience social or performance pressure. Relaxing is an excellent way of cultivating a creative mood. It might explain why Styles and many other artists use psychedelics as a creativity booster.

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