The US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has warned its Navy personnel against buying, distributing, and using LSD because it is dangerous. The Navy had stopped carrying out routine tests using LSD on its sailors and marines. NCIS has announced that they will take measures that include paying informers to crackdown distribution of LSD among its personnel.

LSD users increasing due to anonymous purchase on the dark web

In a recent memo, NCIS stated that law enforcement reports show that there is an increase in the number of people purchasing LSD through the dark web. This is because of anonymity provided by tools such as “The Onion Router” and the use of cryptocurrencies to pay for LSD and other drugs. The tools offer a high level of anonymity and this explains why there is an increase in the number of people purchasing illicit substances on the dark web.

According to the NCIS, although anonymity tools can aid in purchases on the dark web, there are no guarantees that those breaking naval regulations and standards won’t be apprehended. The NCIS memo adds that although the tools can obscure IP addresses, enforcement agencies do employ a range of investigative methods in identifying sellers and buyers of the illicit substances. Also, the hallucinogenic drugs bought on the dark web could contain harmful chemicals.

Drugs sold on the dark web could contain dangerous substances

The memo indicated that drugs bought on the dark web are laced with dangerous substances that can result in death. Equally federal, state, local, and international enforcement agencies are collaborating and using different methods to infiltrate marketplaces, combat illegal drug threats, and identify users. The Navy stopped using LSD in 2006 and there is no way to determine if sailors and marines are still using it.

In the past, the navy and the armed forces have reported cases of high-profile use of LSD among its personnel. For instance, in 2018 there was an incident involving several sailors pleading guilty of possession and distribution of LSD and MDMA while onboard the USS Ronald Reagan.

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