Red light Holland Corp (OTCMKTS:TRUFF) has signed a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) with Disruptive Pharma to create a joint venture in Brazil. The joint venture will pursue the cultivation, manufacturing, and commercialization of magic truffles in the country and also explore potential business openings. The establishment of the joint venture is subject to compliance with related regulations and laws of Brazil.

Red Light Holland seeks to exploit opportunities in Brazil

Disruptive Pharma is a company that develops innovative health and wellness solutions. It is also a primary investor in which owns MyPharma2Go is a prescribed medicines website that distributes to Latin America and Brazil. MundiHealth has exclusive distribution deals with some of the top and well-established supplements and vitamin brands globally. Once a company contracts MyPharma2Go business services it can easily launch its products quickly within 30 days.

Red Light Holland’s CEO and Director, Todd Shapiro said that the Brazilian market is massive and they are delighted to sign the LOI with Disruptive Pharma. He said that this will be a huge chance to leverage their portfolio companies that include MyPharma2Go which is among the largest online supplement and pharmaceutical distributor in Brazil.Shapiro said that they are looking forward to bringing their knowledge to Brazil for the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of Magic Truffles. At the same time, the company will continue building its Red Light Holland Brand, expand e-commerce strategies and sell its iMicrodose packs.

Red Light Holland to leverage Disruptive Pharma’s distribution channels

The company plans to leverage Disruptive Pharma’s established distribution and health tech experience with its recognized knowledge in Magic Truffles growing. Most importantly the two companies’ vision aligns because of both beliefs in offering reliable access to health and wellness products that can improve the quality of life for the individual in need of novel treatment s as well as for those that are unresponsive to traditional treatments.

Red Light Holland and the Latin America-focused investment company, Disruptive Pharma will explore magic truffles and magic mushrooms legalities in Brazil with additional details of the proposed joint ventures expected once available.

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