New Wave Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:TRMNF) has announced that N2 Logics Inc. in which it has a significant interest, has acquired a leading CBD and nutraceuticals online superstore that distributes health and wellness products.

N2 Logics acquires interest in Bloom Botanics

Daniel Fox, the company’s CEO stated that there is increasing interest in natural plant-based health and wellness products in the world today. He said that New Wave Holding’s mission is the distribution and provision of access to product s that can improve the functionality and performance of humans. Fix said that with N2’s exceptional eCommerce approach the company expects to continue generating considerable high margin online growth in Europe before expanding to North American and across the globe.

Currently, Bloom Botanics E-commerce platform is a leading CBD online superstore in Europe. It is also the top mushroom blends provider in the area and seeks to be a global mental health and wellness leader. They do this through a focus on consumer education and transparency as well as employing standardized measurements of efficacy and strengths regarding their mushroom blends and CBD products. Additionally, Bloom Botanics is dedicated to stocking trustworthy lab-tested products.

Most importantly, N2 Logics will manage the eCommerce strategy considering its principals have massive industry-leading experience in nutraceuticals. Equally the principals boast of a proven track record in the production of state of the art innovative eCommerce experiences and platforms. Through their passion and professionalism, the N2 principals have insights into consumer needs for those interested in natural health and wellness products.

Bloom Botanics to help New Wave Holdings expand the brand portfolio

Bloom Botanics has a surplus of more than 1,500 SKUs to an exceptional dropship deal which has helped it become the go-to source for European consumers especially those seeking nutraceuticals. Most importantly its eCommerce platform and model will be vital in helping New Wave Holdings to quickly and efficiently expand its impressive wellness products brand portfolio. New Wave Holdings is also venturing into the psychedelic sector with an R&D of active non-psychoactive based psychedelic compounds with products focusing on MDMA, LSD, and psilocybin derived treatments.

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