Mind Medicine Inc (OTCMKTS :MMEDF) is embarking on a study for its LSD neutralizer technology. The reports came out today outlining that the business giant will be seeking to shorten and, in other instances, stop the LSD trip effects in the course of therapy sessions. The company hopes that the discovery will be a game-changer in psychedelic-assisted therapies as it continues working closely with University Hospital Basel’s Liechti Lab.

The trial

MindMed is hopeful that the Phase 1 double-blind clinical trial will be successful. This trial is a placebo-controlled trial focused on evaluating ketanserin’s effects when used as a response to LSD among healthy subjects.

The company settled for the University Hospital Basel Liechti Lab for wide-ranging reasons and hoped everything to come to completion before the year comes to a close.

MindMed has been busy focusing and directing a lot of its resources towards the LSD assisted therapies development. Project Lucy has seen the company achieve a lot so far, and it promises that there is more to come soon.

The Phase 2b trial underway, according to the company, targets anxiety disorders. The plan is to have the Phase 2b trial carried out through the FDA pathway.

MindMed admits it has spent a great deal of time focusing on the LSD assisted therapies, something that has inspired the business guru to consider innovating some additional innovative features. The company touts the features as essential for a larger part of its therapeutic setting. Customers come first, which is why the company wants to focus resources on endeavors that will give customers the best experience.

Dr. Matthias and his take

Dr. Matthias Liechti continues to express high optimism, heaping praises on the preclinical and ongoing research. The medical expert looks forward to achieving relevant results in what he terms a “proof of concept study.” The study in question involves health subjects.

If everything goes as planned, the expert says they will achieve immense success in treating patients struggling with LSD. If the patient or therapist deems it necessary to end the experience, the expert is hopeful the next move will be relatively easy.

Dr. Matthias insists that they target boosting safety whenever it comes to using LSD in most therapeutic settings.

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