Champignon Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:SHRMF) pronounced the unveiling of a new Rapid Treatment Center of Excellence¬†(CRTCE) clinic in Canada. Roger McIntyre, the company’s CEO, says the Ontario-based treatment center will help persons struggling with depression and suicidal tendencies. The officials say the Ottawa location was a great move. They will be collaborating with Toronto and Mississauga in their quest to solve the burning issues and complications.


The Medical Director for the Toronto clinics (CRTCE Clinics), Dr. Joshua Rosenblat, outlines that the trials conducted have helped them determine many things regarding ketamine and esketamine. The official specifies that there have been about twenty clinical trials in total, and most of them indicate the rapid effects of both ketamine and esketamine.

Rosenblat reveals that the trials involved patients that encountered difficulties responding to the conventional antidepressants. The COVID-19 pandemic served as a great eye-opener in most areas, one of those being the need to find or develop an ideal treatment for the wide-ranging conditions.

Rosenblat recognizes the difficulty index in terms of anyone suffering from depression accessing a Ketamine treatment. He adds that many people in Canada have been making substantial efforts to obtain an ideal treatment, but it has been in vain. He expresses optimism, outlining that the third clinic is a significant step forward because more people will access the best treatment.

The shift

According to sources, the CRTCE multidisciplinary outpatient clinical research facility pulls along as one of a kind in Canada. If all goes according to plan, this facility is expected to become a significant gamechanger in providing rapid onset treatments to needy persons. Persons struggling with depression will benefit from intranasal esketamine and ketamine in dealing with their critical conditions.

The company discloses that the therapies in question work quite well in assisting persons struggling with treatment-resistant conditions such as bipolar disorders and major depressive disorders.

The Vice President of Operations at CRTCE, Kevin Kratiuk, says that they successfully administered about 2500 Intravenous Ketamine Infusions within 30 months. Kratiuk is pleased that they provide great relief to the patients, especially those struggling with suicidal thinking and debilitating depression.

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