Numinus Wellness Inc (OTCMKTS:LKYSF) acquired Mindspace Wellbeing, one of the big names in psychedelic programming. The business giant outlines that the move is crucial towards the expansion of its business presence and also towards the enhancement of the psychedelic-assisted therapy segment in Canada. The initial reports regarding the purchase agreement came out back in 2020, and the time has finally come!

 A close focus on Mindspace Wellbeing

Dr. Joe Flanders happens to be Mindspace’s founder, and he established it back in 2011. The agreement provides that the entity will operate as “Mindspace by Numinus” and that Dr. Flanders will maintain his leadership position. The new development expands the company’s presence in Quebec as significant changes continue in the Vancouver office.

Nyquvest’s take

The CEO of Numinus Payton Nyquvest has led the company to share information on its undertakings with the MDMA compassionate access trial. This official says the company has been focusing on the existing PTSD therapies for quite a while and has realized how inadequate they are in the grand scheme of things.

Payton expresses the company’s commitment to fostering what he refers to as “an outstanding regulatory landscape.” He hopes that sooner, they might succeed in their quest to understand the acute condition better. The official looks forward to a time when they will succeed in offering the world some viable psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies that will be safer. Nyquvest has also praised the efforts geared towards the expansion of the existing treatment options.


Numinus Wellness hopes to continue upholding its alliance with MAPS PBC, a collaboration that will probably make it possible to offer persons struggling with PTSD more treatment options.

The company confirms that the trial is the first of its kind within Canada and is pleased about its progress. Matters seem to be moving quite fast, considering that the trial has already made it to the pre-implementation stage, an undertaking in the Numinus’ Vancouver clinic.

Significant milestones have been hit already. Such milestones include the successful recruitment of staff, physicians, and therapists. All these parties made it possible to recruit participants and facilitate the analysis of the various therapy outcomes.

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