Entheon Biomedical Corp (OTCMKTS:ENTBF) signed an agreement with Divergence Neuro Technologies Inc (DNT) for R&D of DMT (N, N-Dimethyltryptamine) biomarkers. They will also engage in the development of a predictive model of biomarker responses to the delivery of DMT products (DMT-based psychedelic therapeutic products) and drug dosage to cure a variety of substance abuse disorders and addiction to substances called the DMT Biomarker model.

Develops application for EEG Data Tracking

DNT will engage in the development of software to support EEG (electroencephalogram) data tracking during intra, pre, and post dosage with the help of the DMT Biomarker Model. Entheon will benefit from the expertise of DNT in planning and R&D of the DMT Biomarker Model. It will also use the expertise of DNT for predicting responses to DMT, which is based on EEG data analysis. DNT will play a vital role in combining EEG into the DMT therapy platform of Entheon. It will help the clinics that utilize DMT products to cure substance use disorders. The application developed using the expertise of DNT is a PAP (predictive analysis platform).

Uses AI, ML, and brain mapping technology

PAP helps to get information on neuro state change utilizing EEG data during DMT uptake. The application will use AI technology and machine learning (ML) as well as brain mapping technology to decide drug dose levels and DMT delivery therapy.

At the core, the application is developed using the DMT Biomarker model. The application is highly reliable to predict brain state change on administering DMT. It takes high-fidelity brain waves in real-time from patients and participants in the trial to measure experience to psychedelic-therapy.

PAP can also be used for analyzing and aggregating datasets for other therapeutic compounds and psychedelics that help to develop biomarkers and profiles. They will be helpful for patient outcomes and informed decisions. Timothy Ko, CEO of Entheon said the alliance with DNT will help to make use of brain mapping technology and EEG for a better psychotherapy process.

CHDR receives an amendment to an opioid license

CHDR (The Centre for Human Drug Research), the Netherlands-based partner of Entheon, has received an amended opioid license to conduct R&D with DMT. With this amendment, CHDR can support the upcoming clinical trial of Entheon for evaluating the safety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of DMT IV infusion in humans.

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