Plant based extraction company Pure Extract Technology Group (CNSX: PULL) (OTC: PRXTF) has ordered the extraction of a new state-of-the-art Cosolvent Injection System (CIS) from world leading manufacturer of scalable CO2 Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc.

Pure Extract is focused on extracting its products from cannabis, functional mushrooms and hemp. The company will go on record as the first few companies to receive this CIS innovation system.

These two companies have a history of partnering together. The new Cosolvent Injection System has been developed to aid Vitalis in extraction of CO2 during its extraction process.

Just like Pure Extract owned R200 and Q90 models, the Cosolvent Injection System will help the company in production of high quality cannabis extracts.  Vitalis has designed the CIS in such a way that optimal ethanol cosolvent flow rate for both hemp and cannabis extracts will be achieved simultaneously.

Citing the Chief Executive of Pure Extract Ben Nikolaevsky, the CIS is made in a way in which it will be striking a balance between extract quality and efficiency while maintaining amount of ethanol used significantly low.

We are very excited to be one of the first recipients of the Vitalis Cosolvent Injection System. It will allow us to ramp-up our production much faster than we had anticipated allowing us to offer our customers exceptional value while still producing the same high-quality oil extracts we are known for,” added the CEO.

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