UK based mental health care company COMPASS Pathway PLC. (NASDAQ: CMPS) announced having been granted two new patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

These patents are for oral formulations of synthetic psilocybin developed by COMPASS for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD). The MDD treatment also includes treatment resistant depression (TRD).

One patent was granted on March 23 under US Patent No 10,954,259, this patents COMPASS’s high-purity crystalline psilocybin pharmaceutical formulations used in the crystalline psilocybin plus the methods of using the crystalline psilocybin to treat MDD.

The other patent was granted on March 16 under US Patent No 10,947,257, this covers forms of the oral dosage of the crystalline psilocybin and the methods used to treat MDD using the oral dosage forms.

Co-founder and CEO of COMPASS George Goldsmith says the patents signify a great milestone the company has reached in assisting mentally depressed patients.

These patents are a critical milestone in our efforts to establish a new evidence-based option to help patients with depression in the US. Through these grants, the USPTO has recognised our innovations. These decisions enable us to continue to do the highest quality clinical research and bring potentially life-changing care to patients who might benefit from this therapy,” said the CEO.

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