Mental health and wellness company Numinus Wellnes Inc. (CVX: NUMI) parades itself as a market leader in in developing and delivering safely psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies. The company bases its operational model from these two important features in the psychedelics business.

The need of psychedelic assisted therapies is increasing with each passing day. Psychedelics companies are on the move exploring ways to safely and effectively meet the increasing demand of psychedelic assisted therapies.

Numinus is seeking to use an implementation science approach to responsibly control development of the sector.

Just to note, Numinus is among the most licensed listed North American companies in psychedelics sector.

The company says its success is not an overnight thing. In its development stage its keenly pays attention to research and development process through their licensed laboratory. The company also identifies and formulates methods for safe supply.

Chief Medical Officer at Numius Dr. Evan Wood says regulators and the market are sending clear message that they want to support the industry.

I don’t think we’re seeing the same kind of political headwinds that we’re seeing, for instance, with medical cannabis. I just don’t see that I think there’s reason for optimism,” added Wood.

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