Psychedelics and functional mushroom wellness company Silo Wellness (CNSX: SILO) and provider of digital therapeutics in mental wellness and psychedelic sector Ehave Inc. (OTC: EHVVF) have signed an agreement deal to collaborate on data study of Jamaican psilocybin wellness retreats being done by Silo Wellness.

The study will be focusing on intensively studying transitions of the altered state of consciousness caused by psychedelic molecules. The study will provide good background knowledge on the neurobiology of non-ordinary conscious states.

Advance study of the of the neurobiological and immersive states of consciousness will undoubtedly help researchers come up with better treatments of persistent depression, major anxiety, chronic pain and bipolar disorder.

According to the agreement, the proprietary dashboard owned by Ehave will be used to collect, analyze and sort data from the brain mapping study.

Thereafter, Ehave will use brains Scientific’s NeuroEEG and NeuroCap to extract data from participants in real time.  This procedure will enable researchers measure the efficacy of psychedelics molecules on various mental health signals which might open new doors for psychedelic research and development.

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