According to a study done by Global Drug Survey in 2020 it is highly likely that women will use psychedelics than men. The research also indicates women are making entry in the psychedelics sector more than men.

Among ways which individuals are entering the psychedelic sector include investment, artistic purposes, entrepreneurship or even writing. Women  mostly use magic mushrooms to ease emotional stress and treat psychiatric conditions.

Zoe Helene, the founder of Comic sister, a feminist environmental group, came with the name ‘Psychedelic Feminism’ as a category of feminism which embraces the transformative power of psychic plants.

Helene says more and more women are starting to see the positive effects of psychedelics in the lives of women. “It’s time we stepped into our power and psychedelics can help us do that,” added Helene.

Citing a research done by American Psychiatric Association, one in five women living in the United States is battling mental health conditions such Post traumatic stress disorder, depression or eating disorder.

APA’s research also shows twice as many women suffer from depression than men and similarly twice as many women than men are likely to get mental health conditions which can be cured by psychedelics.

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