Mental health supplements company Psyched Wellness Ltd (CNSX: SYC) (OTCQB: PSYCF) has partnered with its CRO partner KGK Science Inc. to study the effect of AME-1 Extract on Gut health. This research will majorly concern itself with the anti-inflammatory nature of AME-1 extract.

KGK science is a private health and wellness company which engages in providing high quality clinical research trials for hemp, cannabis and nutraceutical industries.

Under the partnership deal, both parties will jointly further advance the preliminary results showing an anti-inflammatory property of the AME-1 extract.

This will be the first study to deeply explore the anti-inflammatory property of the AME-1 extract from the Amanita Muscaria mushroom with respect to gut health. It will be seeking to find out the anti-inflammatory properties of AME-1 extract and suggest activities which can improve digestive barrier function and immunity.

This is a key first step in the health and wellness studies of AME-1, which lay the groundwork for future preclinical research,” said tehscietic avisor of Psyched Wellness Brian Tancowny.

The gut plays a very pivotal role in human health because if damaged it can result to inflammation hence causing a chronic condition of the gut lining and a functional barrier of the digestive tract.

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