Approximately one week ago, the University of Wisconsin-Madison unveiled a Master’s program in psychedelics studies. The University says this program will be focusing on therapeutic functions of psychoactive drugs to cure various mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression among others.

This program will be purely undertaken online and it will be first of this kind in the United States. Cody Wenthur, an assistant professor at UW-Madison’s School of Pharmacy, is now the director of the new Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation master’s program.

According to Wenthur, students undertaking the program will majorly be focusing on psychoactive pharmaceuticals, cannabinoids, dissociatives and psychedelics.

We’re particularly interested in training students to enter the growth pharmaceutical industry surrounding the use of these substances, providing them with the tools to understand the data and also to work in an ethical manner and adhere to all the regulatory pieces surrounding the use of these compounds,” said Professor Wenthur.

This program will be starting in the autumn and any interested applicants are expected to submit their applications before July 31.

Some states have decriminalized use of psychedelics for therapeutic uses unfortunately Wisconsin is not among them. Prof Wenthur says together with his colleagues they are required by the law to have a schedule 1 license so as to work with psychedelics substances.

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