Researchers from Sydney, Australia are embarking on a study to find out how psilocybin can be used to control addiction of methamphetamines simply known as meth. The researchers are seeking to establish if administering psilocybin can help people addicted to meth.

The researchers are currently planning for clinical trials in which they will be using active psychedelic found in magic mushroom as the main ingredient in the research.

The scientists involved in the research are from St. Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst. They will be led Dr. Jonathan Brett as the lead researcher. Brett says they will be administering therapy to patients who depend on meth or ice.

Dr. Brett assures that they are very much aware of the need to carry out the trial in the strictest scientific and ethical boundaries required by both law and medical research. He also cautioned people at home to avoid trying this approach adding that the process requires an established treatment protocol to support it.

Before administration of any psilocybin, all study participants in the trials will have a minimum of three counseling sessions with therapists who are specialized in the field.

Participants will be working on getting an understanding of their addictive pattern during the three sessions. They will also be informed on the benefits they will be getting from the treatment.

Following the sessions, a psychedelic pharmaceutical grade 25mg capsule will be administered to the participants, this will be followed by extra therapy sessions. All this will be done under strict supervision.

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