Efforts to decriminalize use psychedelics substances in California have been revived once again after a major state senate committee voted in favor of a bill allowing adults across California to possess and use magic mushrooms and LSD on April 6.

Additionally, the bill also seeks an expunction of old criminal records and penalties linked to possession and use of psychedelics substances in California State. The bill also recommends formation of a research group to find out the safety and efficacy of psychedelics substances in California.

The proposal was tabled by state Senator Scott Wiener who argues that the proposal is not advocating for use of prohibited substances instead it only seeks to do away with damaging holdover policies enacted during the crackdown on drugs.

By decriminalizing we’re not inviting people to use. We’re taking, instead of a criminal approach to drug use, a health-minded approach,” said the Senator.

Senator Wiener together with his allies are backing their argument with recent studies coupled with other successful criminal justice reform efforts passed across United States to make access of psychedelics substances such as hallucinogens easily available.

The bill however excludes Mescaline extracted from peyote plant due to the endangered status of the peyote plant and the special significance peyote holds in Native American spirituality.

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