A brain-computer interface (BCI) pioneer known as Kernel has disclosed details about its plan to collaborate with Cybin, which happens to be a biotech company based in Toronto. The new partnership will see the two parties focus on treating wide-ranging mental health disorders through psychedelics. Sources reveal details about how the two partners have been engaged in some intense psychedelics research, hoping to find a working and lasting solution to the various mental health disorders.

Drysdale’s take

The CEO of Cybin, Doug Drysdale, has spoken about the sponsored drug development programs, outlining that the cooperation with Kernel will see them reach their set goals in brain treatment. The two parties seek to measure the real-time functioning of psychedelics in the human brain. The two also look forward to a future where they will be able to make significant developments in designing future therapeutics.

In 2016, a visionary entrepreneur called Bryan Johnson unveiled Kernel, and he still holds the CEO position. Johnson also happens to be the big name behind the establishment of Braintree, which later bought Venmo.

Over the years, significant developments have been witnessed, with sources showing Kernel as having developed a brain-computer interface. Sources indicate Kernel as having turned to Flux and Flow, a Service (NaaS) brain recording technologies, in the set up of the brain-computer interface in question. The Flux working is such that it can capture the various magnetic fields sparked about by brain activity. Sources also indicate Flux as having the capacity to catch the brain’s blood flow.

Funding and future targets

In July last year, Kernel made a pronouncement about having obtained a USD 53 million funding. The major contributors to the funding included Tiny Blue Dot, Manta Ray, Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst, and Eldridge.

Psychedelics continue proving to be the working solution for treating many disorders such as treatment-resistant depression, narcolepsy, major depressive disorder (MDD), and post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly referred to as PTSD.

Cybin’s collaboration with Kernel is one example of companies dedicated to helping patients globally deal with mental health challenges.

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