New York based psychedelic and mental health company Atai Life Sciences announced having acquired a majority stake in Delaware based Psyber Inc. Psyber majorly engages in developing interventions to improve various mental health disorders.

Psyber also uses brain computer interface (BCI)-enabled digital therapeutics (DTx) to induce behavioral changes in mental health patients.

Atai engages in producing psychedelics and non-psychedelics products for various mental illness conditions, the company is seeking to capitalize on this acquisition to develop brain computer interface-compatible therapeutics for mental health patients, especially those with mental disorders.

This technology uses BCI devices to record electric activity in the brain for real-time analysis of emotional, behavioral, and mental state. The main aim of this technology is to restore useful functions to individuals disabled by neuromuscular disorders.

Nonetheless, recent studies indicate that the BCI technology possess useful applications for mental health disorders because it enables  a direct decoding of emotional experience from neural activity.

Head of Digital Therapeutics in Atai, David Keene, is very much confident incorporating the BCI technology in their operations will create a major impact on services and products the offer their clients.

“At atai, we firmly believe that giving power back to the patient could lead to improved health outcomes. This novel technology is designed to do exactly that, combining both medicine and BCI-assisted therapy puts the patient firmly in the driving seat as it tailors to the individual’s specific needs,” said Keene.

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