Biotech and life sciences company focusing on innovative solutions for treating mental illness and enhancing vitality Mydecine Innovations Group (NEO: MYCO) (OTC:MYCOF) has unveiled four novel psychedelic drug candidates.

Citing records from the company’s website, the four drug candidates include;

  • MYCO – 001: a form of pure psilocybin derived from natural fungal sources, targeted to be used at mid-to-late stage clinical trials.
  • MYCO – 002: an empathogen with similar effects to MDMA that could have an improved safety profile.
  • MYCO – 003: a psilocybin-based formula that could diminish the possibility of bad experiences by reducing patient anxiety.
  • MYCO – 004: a hallucinogen delivered transdermally, offering precision dosing and long-term compound stability.

Mydecine is looking forward to present these drugs at Pre-Investigational New Drug meetings with the FDA and Health Canada. This is a very essential stage in obtaining approval for drug development and clinical trials.

The company says claims presented against the four drugs need to be proven in clinical trials and further research.

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