Biotechnology company developing new class of drugs with psychoactive compounds PsyBio Therapeutics Corp (CVE: PSYB) has submitted its application to get its subordinate voting shares listed for trading on the OTCQX market.

OTCQX is a trading platform based in the United States which is ran and operated by the OTC Markets Group Inc. in New York.

Whether or not the shares of PsyBio get listed on the OTCQX market is subject to the approval of the OTCQX. Among the requirements for listing application on the market includes the company’s application for Depository Trust Company (DTC).

The chief executive officer of PsyBio says they have significant interest in the listing so as to gain the financial exposure to the emerging psychedelics sector hence listing on the market will provide easy access and trading capacity to both retail and institutional traders.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission recognizes OTCQX as an established public market providing public information for analysis and value of securities. The commission has approved as one with efficient access to United States investors.

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