Australian medicine and therapeutic regulatory authority Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) acknowledged having received an application to make accessibility of MDAM and magic mushrooms easier for psychiatrists so as to help in treatment of mental health patients.

Earlier the TGA had turned down a similar proposal. This latest application comes after various studies have proved that psilocybin are equally or more effective than antidepressant drugs.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration says it’s currently reviewing this latest application independently further adding they won’t be making a decision on reclassifying psilocybin from prohibited schedule-nine medicines to controlled schedule-eight medicines on April 22.

Nonetheless the review will consider submission requests it received during two rounds of public consultations before making a final decision.

The body will also task an independent researcher to study on the therapeutic effectiveness, risk and benefits of psilocybin therapy to the general public health. The Department of Health says TGA will also seek advice from Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling.

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