Life sciences development company focusing on novel psychedelics compounds to treat mental illnesses Halucenex Life Sciences has signed a non-binding letter of agreement (LOI) of agreement with Sixth Wave, a leading nanotechnology company to further the study on hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The two parties will jointly work together in identifying target molecules to be purified, and develop psilocybin compound separation. The process will entail developing columns and beads of other wellness components of psilocybe mushroom strains, such as norbeocystin and baeocystin.

This project will grant Halucenex an opportunity to look into the health and wellness benefits of these molecules minus the hallucinogenic effects of the psilocybin compound.

Halucenexx is expecting the work by Sixth Wave will help them get a better understanding as to what makes hallucinogenic mushrooms so magic.

President and chief executive of Sixth Wave, Dr. Jon Glucklman, is sure that over time use of psychedelics products to treat mental health patients will increase significantly.

The growth in medical evidence showing botanical psychedelics treatment efficacy for atypical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions is compelling and suggests that the market for these substances in both clinical treatment and potentially outpatient micro-dosing will grow substantially,” said the CEO.

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