Life Sciences Company concentrating on research and production of medical cannabis and psychedelics therapies Aion Therapeutics Inc. (CNSX: AION) announced its proprietary and patented combinatorial mushroom preparations AION F7 and AION F8 has showed a high efficacy rate in killing HER2+ breast cancer cells.

This high efficacy is also replicated in killing ER+/PR+ breast cancer cells, and triple-negative breast cancer cells by direct cytotoxicity. The two combinatorial mushroom preparations are also collectively known as Aion Mushroom Preparations or Preparations.

The company extracted the results from its recently carried out third party and carefully controlled 3D-spheroid cell culture studies performed at BIOENSIS laboratories. Aion says these cytotoxicity studies showed direct killing of the breast cancer cells by the Aion Mushroom Preparations.

The above results suggest that such preparations might be effective in treating HER2+ breast cancer, ER+/PR+ breast cancer while very difficult to treat triple negative breast cancer after testing each type of these cancers independently.

The company’s chief science officer Dr. Herbert A. Fritsche, says they are now looking forward to run the clinical trials on the same.

We look forward to the next step of initiating clinical trials of the Aion Mushroom Preparations with and without Herceptin and other trastuzumab biosimilars for the treatment of HER2+ breast cancer patients as well as the Aion Mushroom Preparations alone in ER+/PR+ breast cancer and triple-negative breast cancer patients,” said CSO.

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