Life sciences company specializing on research and development of therapies for infectious diseases and rare disorders Revive Therapeutics Ltd (CNSX: RVV) announced successful completion of its research on oral thin film (OTF) delivery system with psilocybin.

The oral thin film offers one of a kind delivery of psilocybin potential treatment option for neurological, substance abuse disorders and mental illness patients.

This study was done under a partnership with Reed Research Group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The major objective of the study was to determine psilocybin that could be incorporated into chitosan-tannin composite hydrogel solutions then casted into molds to form flexible thin films after drying.

These molds were thereafter dissolved in water releasing psilocybin. A earlier research by University of Madison had shown that psilocybin dissolved either in water or ethanol can be incorporated in chitosan-tannin hydrogel solutions, then cast into molds and dried to end up with a flexible thin film.

Among the advantages of orally dissolvable psilocybin thin film is that it dissolves rapidly into the bloodstream which becomes convenient for patients to take it without the need of water, swallowing or chewing.

Following successful completion of this oral thin film psilocybin study, Revive Therapeutics filed for a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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