Innovative healthcare system Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) and Harvard Medical School will be offering a continuing education course on psychedelics titled “Meditation and Psychotherapy: Learning from Non-Ordinary States”.

This event will be happening on April 30 and May 1. The education will be focusing on common and divergent change processes in meditation practices, psychedelic treatment and other methods used to evoke non-ordinary states of consciousness.

During the course, researchers and clinicians will gain more knowledge on how psychological disorders are created and alleviated.

The study on induction of non-ordinary states of consciousness has been playing a very crucial role in in psychotherapy since its inception. The course director Ronald D. Siegel, acknowledged this important role further saying the course will be explore on what non-ordinary states can show about psychological suffering and its alleviation and also how medical health official can use these insights into their work to diverse their services.

Ever since William James and Freud, psychotherapists have explored non-ordinary states such as dreams, hypnosis, and free association. Recent decades have brought mindfulness meditation into the mainstream of treatment, and we are now seeing an explosion of research into the integration of psychedelic pharmaceuticals to treat a wide range of disorders,” said Siegel.

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