Preclinical pharmaceutical company developing small molecule drug compound intended to assist providing therapies for mental illness patients Delix Therapeutics released results of a highly regarded scientific study.

According to the study announced by the company’s co-founder and chief scientific officer Professor David E. Olson, a new compound found in psychedelics substances has demonstrated sustained antidepressant effects without any hallucinogenic effects.

Extensive research has clearly demonstrated the importance of neuroplasticity for achieving durable responses to antidepressants, and evidence continues to mount suggesting that induced neuroplasticity can be harnessed without producing hallucinations. This paper represents a milestone in the evolution of psychedelics into safer and more widely accessible medicines,” said Olson.

The compound DLX-1 also known as AAZ, becomes the second to be published by the company as a non-hallucinatory compound capable of achieving rapid and sustained therapeutic efficacy in preclinical animal models.

The first one was DLX-7 also known as TBG. Delix Therapeutics published its study results last December.

These novel compounds known as non-hallucinogenic Psychoplastogens can be easily identified using the assistance of a psychLight which is a biosensor with the ability of predicting hallucinogenic potential in vitro.

This psychLight plays a very vital role in as it allows the company to predict hallucinogenic potential of their compounds entirely relying on animal testing.


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