A proposal seeking to allow adults over 21 years old in Maine State to legally buy and use psychedelics under the supervisor of a certified psilocybin health officer has been filed. The bill also seeks to legalize psilocybin mushroom therapy without a medical diagnosis across the state.

The bill comes with a 15% tax on retail sales of psilocybin substances it further allows for manufacturing in a vertically integrated model.

The proposal is prompting the State Department of Health and Human Service to clearly highlight guidelines for psilocybin treatment including product testing, personal treatment, thresholds for psilocybin care givers and restrictions involved.

According to the proposal, these recommendations should be formulated “to otherwise make this Act as consistent as possible in substance to the laws governing psilocybin in Oregon,” reads the bill.

A few months ago, Oregon State voted in favor of approving measures aiming at decriminalizing use of psychedelics substances in the state. This move was seen as a wakeup call for other states to follow suit.

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