Pharmaceutical company specializing on developing novel clinical stage compounds to treat orphan diseases and various mental conditions Tryp Therapeutics Inc. (CNSX: TRYP) (OTCQB: TRYPF) announced having entered a partnership with Fluence, a leading educational institution to provide psychedelic design and therapy training.

Fluence focuses on giving professional training on psychedelic integration for psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychedelic therapy. The institution also trains social workers and other health care officers on psychedelics matters.

As per the partnership, Fluence will provide design and training for the psychotherapeutic component during clinical trials operations of Tryp. This will reinforce Tryp’s ability to plan and carry out clinical trials.

During the announcement Fluence said it’s looking forward to on this partnership as it will help in vital research which can be used to develop treatments for patients suffering from eating disorders, chronic pains among other ailments.

We are excited to partner with Tryp Therapeutics in support of the important research they are doing to develop treatment options for patients suffering from chronic pain, eating disorders, and other conditions. Tryp has shown great commitment to promoting the safety and efficacy of psilocybin as a viable treatment option for clinicians,” said Ingmar Gorman, co-founder of Fluence.

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