Psychedelics company committed to medicinal mushroom and mushroom-infused products Braxia Scientific Corp. (BRAX) has unveiled ‘Braxia Health’ unit which includes its expanding line of clinics leading psychedelics research and development for treatment of various mental disorders.

Earlier in the week, Champignon Brands Inc. announced rebranding and changing its name to Braxia Scientific Corp further changing its ticker symbol from ‘SHRF’ to ‘BRAX’.

The company’s CEO Dr. Roger McIntyre, says the Braxia Health unit has the world’s largest clinical research footprint for ketamine and psychedelics based research providing the fast way to development of its IP capable formulations and IP capable delivery methods.

Braxia also gave an update concerning its plan of expanding its research, treatment and clinical footprint to grab multiple opportunities in the North American multi-billion-dollar mental healthcare market.

Since the founding of the initial Braxia Health clinic in 2018, we have built an innovative and disruptive healthcare business with the largest research footprint in the world for the emerging psychedelics industry,” said the CEO.

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