A recently carried out study has established that there exists a relationship between creativity and psilocybin. The study was done by Natasha Mason, a PhD holder from Maastricht University. Professor Mason was the lead researcher in the study.

According to the study, individuals under the influence of psilocybin substances tend to have more profound and more original thoughts than those not under influence of psilocybin. The study suggests that psilocybin which is highly present in magic mushrooms improves the creativity of a person in the long run.

Prof Mason says that creativity is a cognitive ability that is mostly associated with all aspects of human life as it allows individuals to adapt to an always dynamic environment while allowing them to solve issues using different ways.

The Professor further adds that the inability to be creative has been often linked to psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. In her study, Mason says similar reports have been published indicating that psychedelics substances such as psilocybin and LSD can be used to improve the creativity capacity of a person.

The research recruited 60 healthy participants, the study majored on assessing two types of deliberate creativity namely: convergent and divergent thinking. Convergent is where one solution is reached upon for a problem while divergent is where different solutions are reached upon for a problem.

The study linked variation in creativity levels to induced psilocybin among some of the participants. These psilocybin inducements caused different reactions among participants including daydreaming, spontaneous thinking and imaginations.

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