Mental Health and wellness company Numinus Wellness Inc. (CVE: NUMI) and producer of finest strains of functional mushrooms from Cultivation to Consumer (CTC) Optimi Health Corp. (CSE: OPTI) (OTC: OPTHF) announced having submitted extracts of natural psilocybin to Health Canada for application of pre-clinical trial.

The two companies signed a partnership pact on May 4 on the same. Following this submission, Health Canada will review and give its comments on the application.

Nonetheless, cultivation, research, formulation and validations studies are still going on to produce investigational psilocybin extracts which will be used by Numinus in the pre-clinical trial after receiving approval from Health Canada.

Major information submitted on the document provided to Health Canada includes; investigational product’s chemical constituents, formulation and genotype. The procedure and process to extract a consistent dosage from Psilocybe mushrooms is also captured.

Numinus is anticipating this approval from Health Canada as it is looking forward to using the candidate mushroom clone to develop a uniform all natural psilocybin capsule to be used in the human trials conducted by Optimi Health.

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