The World Boxing Council (WBC) says it has entered into a partnership with life sciences company focusing on using psychedelics therapies to treat brain injuries Wesana Health Holding Inc. (CSE: WESA) to study how psychedelics can be used to cure traumatic brain injury.

The two parties signed a multi-year clinical research agreement to explore the therapeutic potential of psychedelics in reducing the effects and symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI) suffered my most professional boxers.

The President of World Boxing Council, Mauricio Sulaiman, acknowledges Boxing is a violent sport in which some of its participants end up with various forms of brain injuries. He believes this partnership gives hope to boxers affected by traumatic brain injury.

Boxing is, by nature, a violent sport. Athletes who enter the ring are at risk of developing traumatic brain injury, and the WBC is committed to study all available avenues to help ensure the long-term mental and physical health of our athletes. We have been involved in research studies of the impact of TBI with partners since the 1970’s and Wesana’s approach holds strong potential for curing this debilitating condition and improving brain and mental health. This partnership represents hope for those affected by TBI,” said Sulaiman.

On the other side, the CEO of Wesana Daniel Carcillo, a retired ice hockey player who once suffered from depression, insomnia, anxiety, slurred speech and other side effects emanating from multiple hits to the head says psychedelics drugs called psilocybin made him feel better than ever.

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