Mexican-America rapper Lil Xan also known as Diego is supporting decriminalization of psychedelics to assist in treating patients suffering from various mental illnesses including post-traumatic stress disorder ad depression among others.

The 24 year old rapper who once suffered from depression as well as addiction to pharmaceuticals is now a sober man. His first-hand experience with depression perhaps is one of the reason making him do advocate for legalization of psychedelics drugs.

I think mental issues and depression, everyone deals with the differently, and everybody has their own way of coping with it and stuff. I think we should legalize psychedelics because I do think some people really do benefit off the effects of psychedelics and stuff, so I’m all for the legalization of that,” said the rapper.

Lil Xan suggests there could be a psychedelics equivalent to ‘California Sober’ an approach to recovery which entails drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana in little quantities.

I would actually tell people I don’t know about MDMA but the magic mushrooms and stuff? Try it, maybe. I used to micro-dose too so, you know, try it. If it helps, it helps. If it doesn’t, maybe you should try to find like, everybody has a different way of coping with things,” added the rapper.


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