Biotechnology company specializing on advancing psychedelics therapies and drug discovery platforms Cybin Inc. (OTBMKTS: CLXPF) (NEO: CYBN) has filed for a new provisional patent application relating to its ongoing drug candidate programs.

This officially brings the number of provisional patent filings by the company to 12.

This latest application covers novel compositions expected to improve pharmacokinetic profiles while simultaneously retaining key efficacy measures of the original molecules.

In addition, the patent discloses innovative methods of deploying the novel compositions faster therapeutic onset of the company’s psychedelic tryptamine.

The patent further outlines the methods directed to leveraging highlighted composition to promote decreased time to therapeutic onset, decreased duration of action, and decreased side effects.

By continuing to innovate in directions to enhance the patient experience and reducing clinical observation times, we believe our treatments can decrease costs and increase the capacity of medical professionals in this field, which will promote increased access to these important therapeutics for those in need,” said Cybin’s chief executive, Doug Drysdale.

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