Canada based biotechnology company focusing on advancing psychedelic therapeutics Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (OTCQB: CLXPF) has filled an international patent application covering its psychedelic drug development portfolio across 153 countries worldwide.

Cyblin filed for the patent with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)– an international patent law treaty covering 153 jurisdictions that’s why an application with the body is termed as an ‘international patent application’.

This PCT application is aimed at providing a wide international patent protection of key intellectual property in support of the company’s strategic objectives. Cybin’s chief executive Doug Drysdale says research initiatives and experiences by its scientists are captured in the application.

Technologies gained by Cybin resulting from our strategic acquisition of Adelia Therapeutics, coupled with subsequent research initiatives from our experienced scientific team, have produced Cybin’s first PCT filing. As we progress our R&D and clinical programs, we expect to continue to create and develop innovative therapeutics with faster onset of action, smoother pharmacokinetic profiles, shorter treatment periods, and reduced side effects,” said the CEO.

In addition the CEO said this patent puts into consideration the three main pillars in drug development by the company namely;

  1. A novel drug discovery platform and research on the potential efficacy of psychedelic molecules to address unmet mental health needs.
  2. Efficient drug delivery to enhance dosing control.
  3. A potential novel treatment regimen.

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