Two months ago, London based Imperial College conducted a psychedelic research which ruled a magic mushroom compound as effective as any antidepressant drug across the world if not better. This study used 59 participants with moderate and severe depression levels.

Steve, a volunteer who took part in the study has come out to give his experience. Steve had been suffering from depression for 25 years and he received the magic mushroom compound during the clinical trial by the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London.

According to Steve, his journey with depression has been rather a very sad one as he was not able to put his foot out of bed in the morning during his worst days with the mental condition.

Steve was participant number 28 and he among those who were given a high dose of psilocybin, the hallucinogenic in magic mushrooms.

During an interview with BBC describes the experience as the most colorful thing anyone can think of further calling it wild and beautiful and way more fascinating that what he was imagining.

It was as colorful as anything you can imagine, colors that perhaps I had never seen before. And I was seeing them all together at the same time, I was inside a kaleidoscope and these colors were playing out in the most extraordinary pattern beautiful and wild, wild beyond imagining. I felt that I had been subatomically picked apart, the dandelion clock just ‘whoosh’ and away in the breeze, that’s how I felt. And I was left with nothing,” said Steve.

A footage released by the researchers shows Steve lying on a bed in a darkened room, his bed is surrounded by therapists. Steve says at that moment he was the roots of a tree connecting with everyone out there.

I was the roots of a tree, and I was underground and I was connecting with everything out there and the thing I really felt most was a joy. Joy like I have never experienced before. It is really, really powerful stuff,” added Steve.

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