California State Senator Scott Wiener is yet again on the spotlight for pushing for the decriminalization of psychedelics. Senator Weiner caught the public eye in relation to psychedelics when he introduced a bill seeking to decriminalize psychedelics back in February.

Well, the Senator seems to be championing for this quest with each passing day. A few days ago, Senator Weiner made a publication capturing the benefits which will come with decriminalizing psychedelics further pointing how psychedelics when used in the right way can cure addiction and mental health.

It’s long past time to move beyond our outdated and racist war on drugs-era laws, and embrace humane and science-based drug policy. Like most Americans, I grew up hearing the constant refrain that all drugs were inherently bad, that we had to ‘just say no,’ and that drug use would and should be punished,” wrote Senator Weiner.

So far, this bill introduced by Weiner is half way through legislation. In the bill Weiner is advocating for anyone above 21 years to be allowed to possess psychedelics. The bill clearly prohibits possession of psychedelics by people below 21 on school grounds.

Weiner notes that a 1965 United States ban of psychedelics is unreasonable since researchers can’t even study more on the drug.

Their status indicates by law that they have no determined medical value a laughable claim in 2021 which deliberately makes it very difficult for scientists to even get permission to even study these substances,” adds Weiner.

In his article, Senator Weiner notes that over the years the medical field has increase grown by leaps and bounds and so has psychedelics shown the potential of treating multiple conditions.

An increasing number of scientific studies show that psychedelics hold vast promise in treating mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and substance use disorders. They also show great promise in treating substance use disorders, flipping the supposed conventional wisdom about psychedelics on its head,” wrote Weiner.

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