According to a recently conducted opinion poll by Hill-HarrisX, 35% of United States adults believe that psychedelics substances like magic mushrooms have medical purposes while the rest 65% believe psychedelics have no medical use.

Results of this study were released on June 1, according to the study, young adult voters are more likely to say that psychedelics have medicinal purposes than their older counterparts.

53% of adults aged 18-29 who participated on the poll said magic mushrooms have medical use while a majority of those aged 30 and above don’t believe that magic mushrooms have any medical benefits.

Clearly from the data, there is a large divide in views on this issue across party lines and younger versus older voters.

Generally, 43% of Democrats and 41% of Independents voted that psychedelics have medicinal use while only 32% of their Republican counterparts believe that psychedelics have medical use.

This study was conducted entirely online with 1,899 registered voters participating in it, The study has a margin error of 2.25%.

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