Life Sciences company focusing on developing and commercializing innovative solutions for treating mental health conditions Mydecine Innovations Group. (NEO: MCO) (OTC: MYCOF) announced having discovered over 40 novel compounds in mushrooms with pharmacology potential.

The company says its Mydecine Research and Development team has made a groundbreaking steps in psilocybin research by discovering this active novel compounds.

Mydecine’s research and development team says over the past few months it has screened more than 25 mushroom species. Some of these species include varieties such as p. cubensis, it’s from these 25 mushroom species the team picked and analyzed over 40 unique compounds.

Senior Scientist in the research team, Duff Sloley, says a majority of these compounds appear to have to been reported before and could be important in the critical efforts of infusing naturally-extracted mushrooms on human health and wellbeing as well as synergistic effects with pure psilocybin.

Most mushrooms, especially the noxious species, have not been investigated for their chemical components. Most of these compounds are evolved to protect the mushroom’s fruiting body from predation by insects, nematodes and bacteria and are complex and metabolically expensive to produce. Since these compounds are evolved to affect biological systems and aspects of metabolic pathways, they stand a higher chance of proving to be useful pharmaceuticals,” said Sloley.


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