The founder and chief executive officer of psychedelics medicine biotech company discovering, developing and deploying psychedelics inspired medicines Mind Medicine Inc. (MNMD) J.R. Rahn, will be stepping down from the chief executive position.

In addition Rahn will also be stepping down from being a director of the company in what seems to be top managerial positions shake up for the company which recently got up-listed to NASDAQ.

To fill the gap, current chief development officer of Mind Med, Robert Barrow, will be ascending to the chief executive position with immediate effect but on interim basis.

Subsequently, MindMed will engage in the hunt for its new CEO, Robert Barrow will be a candidate in the recruitment operation for the new chief of the company.

In a public issued statement, the company said this managerial transition is aimed at enabling MindMed to aggressively pursue its clinical development programs and develop its companion innovative digital technologies.

The outgoing CEO says his tenure at the helm of the company was one which the company made remarkable milestones in the psychedelics space.

Under my leadership the Company did a remarkable job of getting off to its unprecedented start, and building itself into a leader in the psychedelic medicine industry,” said Rahn.

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