Leading life sciences company specializing on bringing psychedelic medicine to the market through novel delivery systems Core One Labs Inc. (CSE: COOL) (OTC: CLABF) is on the verge of getting granted a provisional patent for its biosynthesized psilocybin.

Two days ago, the company announced that it’s in the final stages of completing its provisional patent application for the protection of proprietary biological Synthetic psilocybin production system.

The company further said that it will be submitting the provisional patent application with United States Patent and Trademark Office (UPTSO) this week.

Core One Labs has been making remarkable progress in advancing development of its biosynthetic psilocybin production method in the past four months. The company has started collecting data to verify their provisional patent.

Core One Labs is about to file a patent for its revolutionary biosynthetic psilocybin production system because we only have a few days. This can make the company a leader in providing API-grade psilocybin for the drug, and ultimately can be a shareholder Bring value to stakeholders. We have assembled a world-class team to promote and sell our biosynthetic psilocybin to other major companies dedicated to the treatment of psychedelic solutions. The current price of psilocybin is more than $7,000 per gram, and we think the profit in this area is very high,” said the company.

Normally, the process of extracting natural occurring psilocybin from the host plant is extremely expensive and inefficient to some extent. However, the process of producing biosynthetic psilocybin will definitely create the possibility of creating products of the same quality and concentration as their natural compounds in stereochemistry.

Production of biosynthesized psilocybin is also cheaper compared to extracting psilocybin in its natural form.


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