Life sciences company developing pharmaceutical products which improve health and wellness Silo Wellness (CSE: SILO) (OTCMKTS: SILFF) has entered into a psychedelics genetic test kit partnership with biotechnology company focusing on developing psychedelics medicine HaluGen Life Sciences Inc.

The two companies signed a referral agreement to support with brand awareness of the psychedelic genetic test kit development which is being developed and commercialized by HaluGen Life Sciences.

This psychedelics genetic test kit is first of its kind and it picks up DNA biomarkers in order to evaluate the risk and potential of adverse reactions towards hallucinogenic drugs. This test sends personalized reports and actionable insights to the user’s smartphone.

This results enables the user have a better understanding of their personal sensitivity to ketamine and classical psychedelics.

With this Entheon and HaluGen relationship, we can empower our guests to make data-informed decisions to join us for psychedelic experiences with ketamine and psilocybin and soon, 5-MeO-DMT. It’s all about ‘set and setting’ with our psychedelic retreats, and one’s mindset is affected by their personal anxieties about the medicine and fears of potential adverse reactions. The more opportunity we can give consumers to access information about themselves in advance of a session, the better,” said the CEO of Silo Wellness, Douglas K. Gordon.

Under the deal also, it was agreed HaluGen will empower guests to make informed decisions through better access to information about themselves at retreats held by Silo Wellness.


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