Life wellness company providing solutions to develop and deliver psychedelics-assisted psychotherapy and transform mental health landscape Numinus Wellness Inc. (TSVX: NUMI) announced having received an approval to graduate to tier 1 issuer status on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSVX) effective from June 18.

This up-listing qualification for Life Wellness means that the company will benefit from improved service standards, reduced compliance obligations and increased access to institutional investors.

The company’s chief executive officer and chairman, Payton Nyquvest, says this up-listing is another clear sign that the company is rapidly growing and fast moving towards its goals.

This up-listing is another indication that Numinus has effectively advanced its healthcare strategy, met its business objectives and built a rapidly scalable growth platform to lead the emerging sector of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Going forward, we expect to achieve near-term catalysts across our business including clinic acquisitions, new intellectual property, MDMA and psilocybin compassionate access trials, in-clinic ketamine-assisted therapy and further up-listings in the US and Canada. All of this is aimed at creating shareholder value, and supporting our ambition to help as many people as possible heal and be well,” said the CEO.

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