Digital media company focusing on the emerging psychedelics medicine industry aiming to transform the world of mental health treatments Global Trac Solutions Inc. (OTCPink: PSYC) interviewed California Senator, Scott Wiener, regarding efforts to decriminalize psychedelics.

The interview paid attention on Senate Bill 519 which seeks to decriminalize possession and use of psychedelics among adults in California State. This bill was initiated by the Senator and he has been pushing it all through the entire legislation process.

Senetor Wierner has been on the forefront in the psychedelics revolution process. His efforts bore fruits after state Senate passed the bill in a 21:16 voting process in favor of the bill. Following the Senate voting, the bill now moved to State Assembly for review.

We have a mental health crisis in this country and California is not immune. We know that psychedelics can have significant benefits with people struggling with addiction and mental health challenges. It’s not a global solution. We need the FDA to act and we need a lot of other things to happen, but this is one step we can take,” said Senator Wiener in the interview.

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